Terminal Illness Counseling

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Get Help for Coping with Terminal IllnessThough we all know that one day our lives will end, learning that day is imminent can unleash a host of emotions for both the patient and his or her loved ones. These emotions are often raw, frightening and intimidating.

Having a steady, compassionate and experienced resource to help guide all those affected can provide much-needed peace and closure.

Experienced Support to Cope with Terminal Illness

During these very challenging events, I provide support to everyone affected with an open heart, clear thinking, a calm and loving manner, and the schedule flexibility to take the necessary time to address and work through all that arises.

People face a myriad of challenges when coping with terminal illness. The kinds of topics I address with clients who are dealing with terminal illness can include:

  • dealing with intense physical pain
  • finding closure for relationships
  • working through the grieving process
  • emotions surrounding the disposition of the estate
  • planning memorial services
  • finding a way to say goodbye

I Can Come to You

I offer all of my private counseling services on location across the country, but this service is especially helpful in cases of terminal illness, as these clients have special health considerations.

If you or someone you love is suffering from terminal illness and might benefit from my experience, I suggest that you contact me for brief, completely complementary consultation. Just click the button below, and you will be directed to a secure contact form.

We will discuss the areas where the most help is needed and explore what is the most comfortable and effective meeting location for you.

Other Counseling and Coaching Services I Offer

The terminal illness counseling that I offer can be combined with any of my other areas of specialty. I have many years’ experience creating customized counseling strategies for my clients.