Private Mediation Services

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Serene Design Representing Private MediationMany clients come to me for private mediation services as I strive to create a supportive, even-handed, productive environment in which the difficult conversations and negotiations of the mediation process can take place.

Mediation Can Resolve Conflicts

Like with so many other conflicts and challenges in life, numerous solutions exist without involving legal professionals and other impersonal mediators.

Society conditions us to turn to these expensive and often-damaging approaches without first exploring all of the options available to us. Mediation is one such conflict resolution strategy that is often overlooked, and its effectiveness may surprise you.

There are conflicts that are simply too “loaded” or heated to be resolved without an attorney. However, in many instances, engaging a skilled private mediator is a good alternative.

We can have these discussions in your home or in a neutral yet comfortable environment. Regardless of where, the right environment is critical in order to, as much as possible, put at ease all parties during the process. Having the right environment and facilitator dramatically increases the chances for a positive mediation outcome.

Of course, mediation is typically much less expensive than engaging attorneys, and it allows conflicts to be resolved in far less time. But successful mediation requires all parties to be less than adversarial; all parties must bring an element of good faith to the process.

Building Up to Private Mediation

If mediation isn’t yet possible because of too much intensity, ill will or vulnerability, I offer individual counseling and coaching to help all parties develop the necessary steadiness to productively enter the mediation process.

Individual counseling with the disputing parties can help feelings settle and the beginnings of trust to form. Once ready, interested clients can then receive mediation to help them quickly arrive at resolutions.

Couples counseling is a strong example of when mediation can be most helpful to resolve differences.

To Begin Mediation

Please feel free to contact me if my private mediation services sound like a viable solution to help you resolve a dispute or conflict in which you are involved.

You can help us begin our conversation by clicking the button below to schedule a consultation by phone.

Other Private Coaching Services I Offer

I also offer other private counseling and coaching services. Clients can choose to combine any of my specializations to fit their needs.

Because I offer my services nationwide, clients can choose to meet me near my home in New Hampshire or have me meet them in virtually any location of their choice.