Physician Coaching &
Healthcare Professional Coaching

Physician Coaching &
Healthcare Professional Coaching

Private physician coaching offers doctors — and other healthcare professionals — a discreet and specialized support strategy to overcome the unique pressures and demands of their careers.

Physician Coaching Overcomes Challenges

I have supported physicians for many years as they grapple with these exceptional pressures.

Repeatedly I have found that when physicians aren’t attentive to self-care while working in their extraordinarily demanding professional environments, symptoms and negative behaviors can arise and progress.

I have also found that these symptoms progress in a pattern similar to any other disease or trauma.

The Advantage of Private Physician Coaching

Traditional and conventional therapy approaches aren’t always the best answer. Many doctors are better served by the discrete, relaxed, and customized support strategy that only private physician coaching can offer.

My coaching better helps physicians develop the skills they need to address difficult situations. Much of this is because they are able to develop a trusted, safe and confidential relationship with a seasoned professional who has a proven understanding of the unique challenges that physicians face.

Physician coaching - woman doctorChallenges that Physicians Face

Below is a list of specific challenges that I help physicians overcome.

The list is long, but it represents only some of the common difficulties that doctors and other healthcare professionals face.

If you are a doctor or healthcare professional, many of these — if not all — will likely sound very familiar to you.

  • The burden of responsibilities and pressures that are so unique to the profession that few others can entirely understand their magnitude
  • The strain of absorbing enormous suffering in the lives of patients, yet having few skills to release it
  • The loss of one’s own identity and needs because of always focusing on the needs of patients and their families
  • The expectations from family, friends (and even yourself) that you should be competent at everything because you are competent at medicine
  • The guilt from neglecting spouse and family relationships due to working long hours and dealing with regular interruptions from medical urgencies
  • The vicious cycle of working even longer hours to compensate for disintegrating personal relationships
  • The weight of constantly making decisions, under unusual time pressures and with significant consequences, and the added frustration of not having adequate time to assess conditions nor develop better relationships with patients
  • The control issues that emerge when you are required to be in charge at work while not necessarily being in charge in other arenas of life
  • The expectations of patients and their families who are looking to you to know what is best, despite you knowing that there isn’t always a “right” decision
  • The frustration from not being able to alleviate the suffering of a patient
  • The difficulty of being candid when imparting bad news as well as properly supporting patients—and their family members—during the dying process
  • The weariness that comes from dealing with non-compliant, non-health-conscious, and sometimes belligerent patients who expect unrealistic results or otherwise come with an attitude of entitlement
  • The fallout from needing to always be right and in control
  • The stress from continuous changes in healthcare laws and the resentment that often comes from dealing with a broken healthcare system
  • The strain that can come to relationships with family and friends when you hold them to the same standards of performance as you do your medical colleagues and subordinates while at work

Customized Locations for Coaching

Often my work with physicians is conducted in their home or another quiet, comfortable location that we agree upon.

Beach_walkers_wide400Results are often more effective when we initially work together intensively in a retreat-style approach in order to have adequate time and continuity to fully explore the situation and background. This helps us to develop the foundation of a trusted counseling/coaching relationship moving forward.

When providing coaching for doctors, I also us phone, video conference and e-mail to remain accessible to my clients, as all are all effective tools for follow-up support.

I am also available to speak to physician groups and at conferences on the topic of challenges unique to physician isolation, burnout and self-care.

To Begin Physician Coaching

To find out more about the physician coaching services that I offer, I invite you to schedule a complementary 30-minute phone consultation, by calling 801-891-5093 or clicking here.

I look forward to discussing how my experience can best help you.