Mindfulness Retreats

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Picture of a Client on a Mindfulness Retreat with a Mindfulness Meditation Coach

Bring Increased Awareness,Focus and Satisfaction Into Daily Life

Custom One-on-One Mindfulness Retreats with an Experienced Counselor, Coach and Meditation Instructor —————————————————

Mindfulness Retreats Cultivate Clarity & Focus

Mindfulness meditation is one of the powerful tools I share with my clients to help them develop deeper insights into themselves and to better cope with the challenging situations in their lives. Whether to address painful life issues, increase inner calmness, or improve focus and discernment in daily life, mindfulness practice is a widely proven technique. But it takes training, practice and support to realize its benefits. On top of this, emotions and thoughts often arise that a skilled counselor and coach can help you process. Regardless, there’s nothing like a focused, personalized, one-on-one retreat environment to help you make significant progress. Some of the benefits of experiencing mindfulness meditation coaching in a personalized, one-on-one retreat setting include:

  • Reduced stress and increased quality of relationships
  • Experiencing the mindfulness process at your own pace without interruptions and distractions
  • Working through internal issues as they arise
  • A sustained experience of mindfulness instruction and practice
  • Choosing a retreat location where you are most comfortable and inspired
  • Choosing the duration of a mindfulness retreat that best suits your schedule

Over my many years of experience as a meditator, private counselor and coach, mindfulness retreats have proven to be exceptionally effective in helping clients establish a mindfulness practice. Mindfulness retreats also help clients who already have some training and experience with mindfulness reinvigorate their practice so they can experience anew the benefits in their daily lives. If you are interested to learn more about mindfulness retreats with Stillwater Counseling and Coaching, please contact me by filling out the form on this page. Usually, a 10-15 minute phone conversation or brief email exchange is sufficient to determine if this offering is right for you. I look forward to hearing from you. -David Stringham MPH/MSW

Lengths of Mindfulness Retreats

All of my private counseling services are completely customized, so the mindfulness retreat that we plan together can be of any length you wish. For you and your mindfulness goals, this may mean that a short retreat is best. Short retreats can be as simple as time spent together during the day at a park or a walk on a nature trail where I serve as a guide and coach in the practice of mindfulness. If you are looking for a more prolonged, intense, and long-lasting experience, we can arrange for longer retreats that span the course of several days or longer. The best way to determine what retreat length that is best for you is to discuss your mindfulness goals with me during your consultation.

Choosing a Retreat Location and Format

These retreats can take place in a variety of settings, including somewhere close to your home, a place that is special to you, or somewhere new altogether. Recently, a person traveled to where I live to work with me for several continuous days in a retreat style setting. After talking together about the retreat, I suggested that he set no more than the start and end dates of the retreat, as opposed to planning it all out in advance. Once he arrived, we would then design the rest of our program schedule together, even to the extent of deciding which hotel or lodge he would stay in. For this particular client, this format gave us an excellent opportunity to explore–in real time–what he needed to feel safe and comfortable. I have found that coaching and teaching people as events are unfolding in their lives can bring a new awareness to situations and behaviors, which can lead to positive, sustainable change. This client’s story is just one example of how I customize retreat experiences, and it evolved out of our conversations together. For you and your retreat, our collaboration and work together may yield either a similar or different format and schedule.

Vows of Silence and Developing Mindful Speech

Short term vows of silence are a common practice that has been used in mindfulness retreats over the past 2500 years. When we approach the vast topic of mindfulness from the perspective of either silence or speech, silence can help us simplify the complexities of our different mind states and more easily isolate and identify areas where we are stuck. For example, when choosing to take a vow of silence during a retreat, the silence acts as a backdrop for many of our other thoughts and behaviors that are not related to speech to come into sharper focus. During a vow of silence, you may likely discover inner thought processes and behaviors that you would not have noticed if your mind was busy with the burden of conversation, and because of this, vows of silence are a useful tool for many of my clients to explore their own inner workings. However, much of our everyday lives depend on speech, and it is simply impractical to take an extended vow of silence outside of the retreat setting. One answer to navigating this practical reality while increasing our mindfulness at the same time is to develop mindful speech. Mindful speech is exactly what it sounds like, the practice of giving careful attention to the words we use and the meanings that we wish to convey. Although some retreats offer the opportunity to develop mindful speech, most of our time in a typical retreat is spent in quietness to do inner work. However, you can translate this practice of inner and outer silence into a practice of mindful, wise speech. As you gain more awareness, clarity, and calm through the vows of silence that you take, these insights into yourself can become the foundation from which you direct all your speech and interactions with others. When you do the work to translate mindful silence into mindful speech, your interpersonal exchanges become more genuine, in-line with your intentions, and effective.

Questions About Mindfulness Retreats?

I hope that the information on this page and my site has been helpful in your exploration of mindfulness retreats as an alternative counseling option for you. I would be glad to answer any questions that you have and invite you to Contact Me by filling out the form on this page or by clicking the button below. Although you can contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation, I also welcome questions and inquiries.