Women and Their Life Challenges

Women and Their Life Challenges 2017-06-05T03:40:50+00:00

Women_Challenges 052213Women often face great challenges in their lives, both personal and professional. Good things have come from the positive societal changes of the past decades, but new pressures have also emerged due to changing roles and mores. Some examples include:

  • Being a single parent with limited or no support of the father
  • Work-related challenges including gender discrimination
  • Earning more, or less, income than your husband or partner
  • Body image
  • Aging
  • Matters of sexuality
  • Feelings of isolation related to being the only financial and emotional provider for children
  • Understanding men in Intimate Relationships

I endeavor to provide women with an environment where these struggles are truly heard and where productive skills are learned that not only help you better manage personal situations, but help you grow into more of the type of person you want to become.