Men and Their Life Challenges

Men and Their Life Challenges 2017-06-05T03:40:51+00:00

Steps2 400 bwOur culture often makes asking for guidance or feedback especially difficult for men, and yet many wish they could turn to a trusted, skilled, neutral listener and mentor in whom they can confide.

I work with male clients from many walks of life, including many executives and entrepreneurs.  Topics we typically address together include:

  • Work-related challenges and pressures
  • Family relationships with a spouse or a child
  • Stress connected to being the primary financial provider
  • Care-giving challenges for a loved one
  • Physical and emotional complexities related to sexuality
  • Dealing with loneliness, feelings of vulnerability, and confusion about life goals
  • Enhancing emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness
  • Life transitions including divorce, retirement, aging, death of a spouse, etc.

These and other challenging matters don’t need to be defined as “problems”, but are rather part of being alive and are therefore quite natural. Nonetheless, they can present difficulties that can be eased with supportive counseling.

My work is not limited to male clients. I also work with many women who are seeking to better understand the man, or men in their lives.