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I provide life coaching for men and women from many walks of life. Together we work on the challenges that each faces, but I believe that challenges don’t need to be defined as “problems.”

Challenges are part of being alive and are therefore quite natural. Nonetheless, a positive approach to supportive counseling can ease the difficulties in life that arise.

The Life Challenges of Men and Women

Life Coaching for Women and Men

Men and women each face unique challenges, and I adapt my counseling approach to the needs of each person, including the differences in challenges created by gender.

For men, our culture makes asking for guidance or feedback especially difficult.

For women, good things have come from the positive societal changes of the past decades, but entirely new pressures have emerged due to changing roles and mores.

To read more about the individual challenges of both women and men, click the tiles below:


Topics Addressed with Life Coaching

  • Work-related challenges and pressures
  • Is Life Coaching Right for You?Family relationships with a spouse or a child
  • Stress connected to being the primary financial provider
  • Life transitions including divorce, retirement, aging, death of a spouse, etc.
  • Care-giving challenges for a loved one
  • Physical and emotional complexities related to sexuality
  • Loneliness, feelings of vulnerability, and confusion about life goals
  • Enhancing emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness
  • Effects of the aging process
  • Being a single parent with limited or no support of a spouse/partner
  • Income discrepancy between yourself and your spouse/partner
  • Body image

I endeavor to provide men and women with an environment where these struggles are truly heard and where productive skills are learned that will not only help you better manage personal situations, but help you grow into more of the type of person you want to become.

An Emphasis on Privacy

Whatever your particular needs and situation, private life coaching creates a level of discretion beyond that of traditional counseling practices.

Together, my clients and I agree on a location of their choice — wherever they feel most comfortable. Because I travel around the country to meet my clients, our meeting location can be virtually anywhere.

I even offer outdoor life coaching options for clients who desire them. For many individuals, the natural beauty and serenity of an outdoor setting can enhance the effectiveness of their coaching.

To find out more and determine if life coaching is right for you, I would look forward to hearing from you and discussing your needs.