Stillwater Journeys – Outdoor and Wilderness Counseling

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Stillwater Journeys - Outdoor Counseling and CoachingPeople from a variety of backgrounds have found the natural world to be beneficial as a venue for examining their patterns of behavior and life challenges. As a lifelong outdoorsman with a passion for wild places, I love sharing these places – along with my extensive wilderness experience – with clients as we work together. Some of my clients are new to the outdoors. As they learn and increase their outdoor skills, they increase their inner confidence, which in-turn supports the deep internal examinations we engage along the way.

Stillwater Journeys - Outdoor CoachingDepending on ones interest and motivation, these journeys can be done during an afternoon, a full day, or as a multiple day retreat. Many of my clients have found that by doing longer retreats, they have the best opportunity to do deep, productive inner work without the interruptions of shorter discussions. However, shorter discussions are often just what is needed. For these times I often meet clients at trailheads, parks and even on city streets for walking discussions that can last for one or several hours.

Often clients find that walking side by side, or in front of me or behind me, creates the supportive space for creative, stimulating and courageous thinking. When the energy and emotions that accompany a particularly difficult issue emerges it helps the energy of the emotions to move when the body is fully moving and breathing during the telling of the story. This, combined with an environment that minimizes distractions often intensifies a persons clarity and development.

Outside counseling - patioThere are other times when sitting across from each other, whether in comfortable chairs at a rustic cabin, on a log next to a fire, or on the sand of a beach is just what is needed. Whatever the environment, we allow the time to take breaks and be still as this also supports the process.

Additionally, I offer training in mindfulness meditation during our journeys as an effective technique for establishing mental stability. This stability can serve as a great support while addressing difficult issues.

I have counseled and coached clients in a wide variety of settings:

  • Backpacking in wilderness areas
  • Staying at a rustic, comfortable cabin in the mountains
  • Strolling remote ocean beaches.
  • Sailing among islands and along coasts
  • Hiking trails in the mountains
  • Camping and hiking in national parks
  • Skiing at resorts and snowmobiling through forests
  • Walking a golf course

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