Alternative Counseling & Coaching Options

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Depiction of an Alternative Counseling SessionI believe  each client should have all the time and space necessary to tell his/her story and do the work that’s needed.

That’s why I offer longer, more intensive alternative counseling and coaching sessions that traditional approaches might not always provide to some people.

Sessions with my clients can range from several hours to multiple day retreats, and I can even include outdoor counseling and coaching options.

Intensive Support with Alternative Counseling and Coaching

While working with individuals, couples and families over the years, I have found that many people postpone seeking outside resources to address their needs. By the time I begin my work with such clients, they are need in of the kind of intensive support that traditional, 50-minute sessions alone may not be able to provide.

At the beginning of our work together, most clients are well-served by several alternative counseling and coaching sessions to start, followed later by regular 50-minute sessions.

But even with the shorter sessions, because I only take on a limited number of clients, my schedule is often flexible, which can provide the opportunity for clients to extend a session beyond what was scheduled.

Regardless, each person I work with has a particular rhythm as to the time and frequency they need in order to tell their story and do productive work.

Find Out More

If a non-traditional approach to counseling sounds like it might be right for you, just Click here to Contact Me to find out more about the alternative counseling services that I offer.

I am able to customize these services to each client and personal situation.

Private Counseling and Coaching Services Nationwide

My private counseling services are available to clients all over the country. You are welcome to come to my location in the beautiful natural surroundings of New Hampshire, or we can arrange to meet in virtually any place of your choosing.

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