Private Counseling Services

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A Unique Approach to Counseling and Coaching

Private counseling services from Stillwater Counseling and Coaching make it possible for clients to design their own custom counseling or coaching plans.

In addition to providing a variety of alternative counseling approaches, I offer clients unique access to counselor support and counseling/coaching sessions in locations, and durations, of their choosing.

Privacy, Access, & Customization

Private counseling naturally adds a layer of increased discretion and privacy that many clients appreciate.

When privacy is of the upmost importance, I have met with clients in their homes, on hiking trails, in parks and other locations of the client’s choosing. This is a benefit that traditional counseling settings cannot match.

My clients also get increased access to my support and more individualized attention than traditional counseling settings can provide.

This personalized access begins when we work together to design your unique counseling plan and choose the meeting location(s) where you feel most comfortable. For many clients, this means that I travel to where they are.

Between sessions, clients have access to my support through email, phone and other forms of communication.

How to Begin Private Counseling

The best way to start private counseling is to contact me so we can begin a discussion about your unique counseling or coaching needs as part of a complimentary consultation.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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