Phone and Skype Counseling Sessions

Phone and Skype Counseling Sessions 2017-06-05T03:40:46+00:00

 Flexibility & Availability

I offer you a variety of meeting formats and am consistently available to clients in a timely manner, including Phone, Email, and Skype sessions, in addition to in-person sessions.

alpha_professionalLife has its own schedule, and it just makes sense to me that clients should be able to reach out to their counselor or coach in the moment when they are needed, instead of having to put their feelings and thoughts on hold until the next scheduled session.

In cases when I am not immediately available, I respond to calls and emails as quickly as possible. My clients and I frequently communicate this way between scheduled sessions in order to check in with one another.

Daily check-ins are also an option when clients need the extra access to me, particularly during intensive work periods.

Regular Skype/Phone Sessions

Many of my clients simply prefer phone and Skype sessions as our default session format when we work together, so I have made phone and Skype sessions a regular part of the service that I offer. I have also found that phone and Skype sessions can be just as effective as in-person sessions in many cases.

I also work internationally by Skype and have clients overseas who choose this services. Skype coaching sessions with me are available to all clients.