Intensive Counseling and Coaching Sessions

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An image depicting intensive counseling sessions in an outdoor settingIntensive sessions are an exclusive service that I offer, and, in addition to being more effective, they are much more private and custom-fit than the majority of other counseling and coaching services available.

Have you ever wondered why most counseling and coaching sessions only last an hour?

Have you ever thought that you could benefit from having more time with a skilled coach and counselor, and in a setting that you choose?

Why I Offer Intensive Sessions

These are questions that I asked myself over 20 years ago, and the answers to them are why, today, I offer intensive sessions to select clients.

When my clients opt to start with one or more intensive sessions, they quickly see the positive impact of these sessions in their lives and personal progress.

Benefits of intensive sessions include the following:

  • Time to tell your whole story, hopes, goals and reasons for seeking counseling and coaching
  • Establish a trusting and supportive working relationship more quickly
  • Begin exploring core issues within the first session

You also get to choose the setting for these sessions, giving you full control over your ideal comfort zone and the setting that will be most effective for you.

Simply put, intensive sessions are designed to jump start your counseling and coaching experience and accelerate the progress of your inner work.

Types of Intensive Sessions

I offer three types of intensive sessions:

  1. Half Day Sessions– Enough time for a moderate dive into core issues, and to develop a plan of action moving forward.
  2. Full Day Sessions– Recommended to work through states of acute distress and provide substantial emotional relief.
  3. Retreat Style Sessions– Sessions held over two days or more. Sustained attention and continuity for the strongest results.

A short phone consultation with me is usually all that is needed to determine which type of intensive session that is right for new clients.

Locations for Intensive Sessions

You choose where and how we meet, including indoor and outdoor setting options.

  • My Location– Some clients choose to hold their intensive sessions with me in the beautiful natural surroundings of New Hampshire, my home state. You are always welcome to meet me here, whether at my place of work, a nearby coffee shop, a trailhead, or any other place of interest in the area. I am always ready to suggest meeting locations.
  • Your Location– It makes sense to me that familiar surroundings might be your optimal comfort zone, and I have traveled to many of the cities that my clients call home, and on many occasions.
  • Outdoor Settings & Activities– Sometimes counseling or coaching is most effective when we incorporate it into an outdoor setting or activity that inspires you. In the past, I have conducted intensive sessions with clients while hiking, skiing, mountaineering, sailing, or simply meeting in an outdoor setting that is new to both of us. These experiences can be especially transformative for clients who appreciate the outdoors.


Who Is a Right Fit for Intensive Sessions?

Clients are the right fit for intensive sessions when they themselves see the value of this approach. These sessions are for you, a means to invest in yourself upfront with focused inner work.

If you are still interested to find out more about intensive sessions after reading this page, that interest is one of the strongest indicators that they may be right for you.

To find out if these sessions are the right fit for your counseling and coaching needs, I invite you to call me for a short phone consultation: 801-891-5093.