How We Meet

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Flexibility & Availability

I offer you a variety of meeting formats and am consistently available to clients in a timely manner, including Phone, Email, and Skype sessions, in addition to in-person sessions.


I Can Travel Nationwide
U.S. and Canada

I am located in New Hampshire, but I regularly travel across the country to meet with my clients. Sometimes they prefer for me to meet them near where they live, at a neutral location, or an outdoor destination for retreats and/or outdoor counseling.

I also work with clients in and around the New Hampshire area for the additional convenience to them. Some of my clients from other parts of the country have chosen to conduct our sessions here in New Hampshire to benefit from the change of scenery and to take advantage of my knowledge of and access to beautiful outdoor locations in the area.

Your needs and preferences determine where we meet and how, no matter where you live in the United States or Canada.

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Session Formats

My goal as a counselor and life coach is to help you make the most positive changes possible in your life, and to provide you with the tools that you will need to develop more consistent inner well-being.

Counseling and coaching with an experienced professional can greatly assist your personal development, and I have found that the effectiveness of the care that you receive depends heavily on the counselor to custom fit the experience to your unique individuality.

People are very different from one to another. One approach that works great for one person may not work for another, and I have found making multiple meeting formats available to my clients provides them with the best care.

Because of this, I offer you a wide variety of meeting formats for our sessions that you can pick and choose as you please, even to the extent of changing meeting formats as our work together progresses. These meeting formats include both traditional and custom types of sessions.

Custom Session Formats

What I call “custom sessions” include a variety of alternative counseling techniques in which I specialize. The “alternative” part of alternative counseling simply means that these session types have more flexibility compared to the standard 50-minute, in-office sessions that are most common in the industry.

If you have interest in a custom session format, we will first talk together by phone to discuss which formats interest you most. Usually only a 15-20 minute call is all that is needed to feel out which session type is the best fit for you. These consultations often result in a combination of more than one session type. As my client, you will also have the ability to change up these formats as you see fit.

Here are just a few of the custom sessions formats that I offer:

You will notice at the bottom of that list that I offer remote counseling sessions by phone, email, and Skype. A few of my clients have preferred this format for all of our work together. However, the majority of my clients also take advantage of these formats after our initial face-to-face sessions.

After one or more in-person sessions, remote meetings make it possible for my clients to check in with me any time, and from any distance. This is especially helpful if you travel frequently or if you lead a busy life with a tight schedule.

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Traditional 50-Minute Sessions

You may prefer to have tradition 50-minute counseling sessions with me that are common with most types of counselors and coaches.

I include this session type as an option for you if you think it will help you feel most comfortable and able to be at your best when it comes to your inner work. Your counseling or coaching experience is about you, and I think that you should have as many options available as possible.

You can also choose to mix in 50 minute sessions between custom session formats.

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Session Lengths

Difficult challenges in life often require sustained attention and focus to properly work through them. Sometimes repeated 50 minute sessions can provide enough care for some clients, but for many others, these shorter sessions do not offer enough time for them to tell their whole story and adequately explore their feelings. Not everyone’s mind thinks most clearly and creatively in 50 minute segments, and that is why I offer other options.

After recognizing this need, I began to offer longer sessions to my clients, and I often recommend them to clients who are struggling with particularly difficult issues, at least for our first meeting or two. Even if these first sessions are 2-3 hours (as opposed to just 50 minutes), the progress that my clients make in these longer sessions can be exponentially greater than what a 50 minute session can accomplish. This is because longer sessions give you more continuity to stay with an idea or emotion and more fully examine it.

Your counseling sessions with me can range from 50 minute sessions to retreats lasting multiple days (and everything in between), depending on your preferences and what we decide together will be the best fit for you.

Longer sessions, and multiple day sessions, can take the shape of any format. Some clients choose to meet indoors for several long sessions over the course of more than one day, while others choose to go backpacking and hiking, boating, sitting in coffee shops, walking in city parks, or any other real life setting where they feel most connected.

In these real life settings, I am better able to see who my clients really are and provide more accurate and skillful observations.

The point that I’m trying to stress is that you can choose virtually any sort of session length and format that you like. I will offer suggestions during your free phone consultation with me, but, as the client, you will have the final call on what will work for you.

As you will read below, all of my clients benefit from constant phone, email, and Skype access to me. These sessions can also range from quick check-ins to full 50 minute sessions or longer.

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Phone, Email, & Skype Sessions

I am constantly in contact with my clients by Phone, Email, and Skype. Life has its own schedule, and it just makes sense to me that clients should be able to reach out to their counselor or coach in the moment when they are needed, instead of having to put their feelings and thoughts on hold until the next scheduled session.

In cases when I am not immediately available, I respond to calls and emails as quickly as possible. My clients and I frequently communicate this way between scheduled sessions in order to check in with one another.

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