Private, Customized Single or Multi-Day Retreats

Private, Customized Single or Multi-Day Retreats 2017-06-05T03:40:44+00:00

Most of us reach points in our lives when we must re-center ourselves and find a place of clarity and peace to better meet the challenges we face. That’s why I offer an uncommon opportunity for private, customized single-day or multi-day retreats in an environment and location of your choice.

An intensive, personalized retreat is a highly effective way to make the life changes you desire.

A private retreat is a uniquely intentional way to step out of your daily routine to fully focus the necessary time and attention to developing deeper insights into yourself while discovering better ways to cope with your most difficult situations.

Together, we choose the location, setting and the duration of your retreat. With my blend of proven life coaching and counseling techniques, along with mindfulness instruction as a foundational practice, you receive my undivided attention as we work together to help you reduce stress and gain clarity.

Your personalized retreat can be conducted in whatever environment you wish: from the familiar to the natural to the challenging.

Examples of places where I have conducted personalized retreats include: backyard gardens, urban environments, luxury resorts, sailboats, mountain cabins, hiking the Alaska wilderness, and nearly everything in between. The activities we can do while working together also run the gamut: sitting and talking quietly, walking casually, sharing meals, hiking a trail, and even engaging in a strenuous outdoor adventure. Based on your preferences and my experience, we’ll work together to select the location(s), create the agenda and plan the activities of your custom mindfulness retreat.

Over my many years of experience as a meditator, private counselor and coach, the custom mindfulness retreats I conduct have proven to be exceptionally effective in helping clients solidify coping skills while also helping to establish and maintain a mindfulness practice, which over time, cultivates a sustainable pattern of equanimity, clarity and contentment.

A Man Taking Part in a Counseling Retreat
David Stringham counseling and coaching

Retreat Types

  • Individual Retreats
  • Couples Retreats
  • Indoor/Outdoor Retreats
  • Mindfulness Retreats
  • Custom Formats

David Stringham specializes in teaching mindfulness practice to his clients, and he often incorporates mindfulness into his approach.

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