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An intensive, personalized retreat is a highly effective way to make the life changes you desire.

Stillwater Journeys private retreats

Stillwater Journeys provides an uncommon opportunity to experience a private, customized, multi-day counseling and mindfulness retreat in any location and environment you find inspiring. With decades of mindfulness practice and over 25 years of counseling and coaching experience, David Stringham, MPH, MSW, creates custom retreats in which you have his undivided attention as he expertly guides you through the deep inner work that’s often required to help you break free of old patterns and increase your inner peace.

Together, you and David choose the location, the accommodations, the duration of your retreat, as well as many of the activities you will do during your time together. For the past 20 years, David has conducted private retreats for individuals, couples and families in a variety of different settings across the U.S. and Canada. These include comfortable country homes, secluded cabins in beautiful natural areas, campsites on remote beaches, backpacking adventures in rugged wilderness areas (David is an expert outdoorsman), and many other locations.

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