Nature of the Mind

Mindfulness Retreats – To Speak or Not to Speak


When a person wants to develop a deeper understanding of mindfulness, it can be very helpful to attend a mindfulness retreat. In such a retreat, whether it is for a day, several days, a week or longer, the basic principals of learning to pay attention from moment to moment are both taught and practiced. Simple [...]

Understanding the True Nature of Stress


Ever notice how some people are able to smoothly deal with stressful situations while others simply fall apart? Stress is a natural and predictable emotion that every human being has to live with. However, when we lack the experience, insight and practice needed to work skillfully with this mental state, it can become a real [...]

Working with Fear in Real-Time


My work with one client involved, among other things, regular walks on one of his favorite beaches. These walks often lasted for several hours. One of the major stressors this gentleman communicated on one of these walks was his fear of not having enough money to meet his obligations. It involved a particularly large bill [...]