David Stringham, MPH, MSW |
Private Counselor & Coach

David Stringham, MPH, MSW |
Private Counselor & Coach

Picture of David Stringham, Life Coach

In my over 20 years of experience as a private life coach and counselor, I have brought many unique counseling and coaching approaches to my clients. All of my approaches are natural extensions of the way I live my own life.

The two masters degrees that I hold from Boston University, a Masters Degree in Public Health (MPH) and a Masters Degree in Social Work (MSW), greatly inform my work as a counselor and personal coach.

During these years, clients have told me these approaches are not only effective but that they bring creativity, patience, humor, authenticity, and persistence to our sessions.

I marvel at the diversity with which people approach their lives, and I know firsthand there are many valid ways in which to live. Because of my culturally diverse life, I endeavor to bring a non-judgmental approach to my work. My experiences have shown me that what works for one person does not work for all. I take this into close consideration every time I meet with a client.

At times I have been enriched by my search for clarity. This process has also sometimes brought about personal suffering. But these varied experiences of life have encouraged boldness and a willingness to explore the depths as well as the heights, oftentimes pushing beyond what is comfortable. I believe this brings vitality to my work because I understand personally how difficult the path to more wholeness can sometimes be.

My Explorations as a Life Coach

In addition to the extensive exploration of urban and wilderness landscapes, I have explored the inner, spiritual world through religious and meditation practices, studying for prolonged periods in monasteries, meditation centers and churches in various parts of the world.

I have traveled extensively in wild and remote wilderness areas, including living for extended periods in Northern Alaska and the South Pacific. I have also lived in a variety of diverse urban environments as well, growing up in the Western United States, teaching English and studying martial arts in Xian, China, and living many years in Boston, MA, where I attended graduate school.

All of these perspectives and experiences greatly influence and inform my work as a life coach and counselor, and — I believe — help me provide more effective and well-rounded results for my clients.