1-Hour Sessions

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An image depicting a 50 minute counseling session

I offer standard, one hour counseling and coaching sessions to my clients, in addition to the more exclusive intensive sessions that I offer.

1-Hour counseling and coaching sessions have been the standard in the counseling industry for many years. Although I believe that they are not always the best fit for every client, I offer these kinds of sessions because, for some clients, hourly sessions are exactly what they need.

Phone and Skype Sessions Available

I regularly conduct phone and Skype counseling and coaching sessions with clients from all over the country and have found that these sessions can be just as effective as in-person sessions.

Many of my clients, including some who live close to my home state of New Hampshire, prefer phone and Skype sessions over in-person sessions, so I have made this option widely available to any client who is interested.

Click here to read more about phone and Skype counseling and coaching sessions.

Supplementing Intensive Sessions

I often suggest hourly sessions to clients in conjunction with intensive sessions. One or more intensive sessions at the beginning of our work together gives clients a head start toward achieving their counseling and coaching goals. Often, the momentum that we create with these intensive sessions can be sustained with typical hourly sessions.

Alternatively, many of my clients start their work with me conducting hourly sessions only before committing to an intensive session. In these cases, hourly sessions give my clients a good feel for what it is like to work with me, and the trust that we develop provides them with the comfort they need to begin planning for intensive sessions.

Both of these approaches can be effective for different clients and for different reasons. If you have a question about which type of session is best for you to start your work with me, I invite you to call me at 801-891-5093 for a consultation.