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Find Well-being Through an Uncommon Counseling & Coaching Approach

Mindfulness Retreats

Flexible Sessions

  • 1-Hour Sessions
  • Half-Day Sessions
  • Full-Day Sessions
  • Multiple Day Retreats
  • Phone & Skype Sessions
  • Mindfulness Training
  • Counseling Retreats
  • Outdoor Sessions

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“Learn to engage your difficulties with curiosity. Your struggles can be the beneficial ‘call to action’ you need to find your path toward well-being.”

– David Stringham, Private Counselor & Coach

“David is at ease in any setting and the work is done in a gentle and kind manner.”

Denny, Las Vegas, NV

“I am grateful to have the opportunity to have worked with David through many adversities in my life.”

Angie L., Manchester, NH

“David has had a profound influence on my life and recovery from chemical dependency.”

Lawrence B., Fairbanks, AK

“My counseling with David definitely made me more aware of how my thoughts, actions, and beliefs shape my happiness and stability.”

Tanner C., Seattle, WA

David Stringham, MPH, MSW

David Stringham, MPH, MSWI encourage you to contact me and learn more about how I endeavor to create a comfortable, flexible environment where you can do the necessary work to cultivate your well being. Click here to learn more about my background and my unique approach.

FAMILY SUPPORT – As part of my service, I provide support for the families of my clients. They too are a priority in my work.

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Unique Approaches for Unique Results

Depending on each client’s needs, interests, and goals, I will integrate any combination of non-traditional (or traditional) approaches into your counseling and coaching plan. These approaches can include any of the following:

My goal is to create a comfortable space where you can fully express your feelings and desires in settings that inspire you and bring you peace.

Free 30-Minute Session for New Clients

I want my prospective clients to feel confident in their choice of me as their personal coach, so I offer new clients a free, no obligation 30-minute session.

This is a great opportunity for you to get a sense of my approach and the results that it can provide for you.

Your free session comes with no commitment or obligation on your part to continue our work together.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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